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A Bug Free Backyard is Possible
With our many years of combined experience and our high quality insect control systems, Mosquito Works of Oklahoma can help you enjoy the outdoor life you've been wanting. Many of us have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on swimming pools, landscaping, patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, and countless other items to make the most of our outdoor activities. Unfortunately the minute we step outside to take advantage of nice weather we are all confronted with the same problem...bugs. Mosquitos, flies, wasps, bees and hundreds of other insects drive us back indoors or force us to spend all of our outdoor time swatting in vain to drive them away. We can help clear your outdoor living spaces of these annoyances with time proven, nearly maintenance free misting systems. Check out the above links for more information


Mosquito Works of Oklahoma - Rid your yards, pools, decks, patios and any outdoor areas of mosquitoes, flies, wasps, bees and many other low-flying pests using our automated misting systems. Our mosquito misting systems are made of industry-best parts and come backed with competitive warranties. Mosquito misters have been effectively used for many years. Insect Control Misters and Insect Control Misting Systems are the answer. You can be bug-free, bug free is possible.

Looking for mosquito misters in Oklahoma, you found them. Looking for Oklahoma mosquito misters, here they are. Oklahoma Mosquito Misting Systems are here. Mosquito Misting Systems Work. Mosquito Misting Systems are effective. Mosquito Misting Systems are a proven part of any integrated pest control management plan. Our Mosquito Misting Systems are affordable. Mosquito Misters work. Mosquito Misters are affordable. We have the answers about Mosquito Misters. We design and install Mosquito Misters and Mosquito Misting Systems. We have many years of combined experince in Mosquito Control. We install automated insect control misting systems. Insect Control misting systems work. Insect Control Misting Systems are affordable. Automated Mosquito Misting Systems are our business.

Many companies install Mosquito Misters and Mosquito Misting Systems but our customer service and prices are second to none. A Mosquito Mister or Mosquito Misting System will make you backyard a better place. Outdoor pest control and insect control are is our specialty. We were the first company in Oklahoma to install Mosquito Misting Systems. Our Mosquito Misting Systems and Mosquito Misters are built in Oklahoma..

Complete Systems starting at $2195.00
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Don't be lured into spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year on service contracts!

Because we design and build our own systems locally, we can provide the best possible service, performed by the most knowledgable technicians all at a price that is substantially less than what our competitors would charge for annual service contracts.

No Contracts.

The Best Prices on Refills.
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Two year warranty on systems we install - excluding damage by freezing, animals, lawnmowers etc.

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